Toby Fund Of Wolf Creek Oregon
Toby Fund Of Wolf Creek Oregon
Toby Fund Of Wolf Creek Oregon Toby Fund Of Wolf Creek Oregon Toby Fund Of Wolf Creek Oregon Toby Fund Of Wolf Creek Oregon
Toby Fund Of Wolf Creek Oregon Toby Fund Of Wolf Creek Oregon
Toby Fund Of Wolf Creek Oregon The Toby Fund of Wolf Creek Oregon, Inc. is dedicated to protecting animal life in the Wolf Creek/Sunny Valley area. We do this through education and
action. Our long-term goal is to mentor other Oregon rural communities in the evolutionary process of creating and sustaining cultures of compassion for animals.
Toby Fund Of Wolf Creek Oregon
"Parvo" is  a horrible disease that can be prevented with a simple vaccine. Honey found out how horrible Parvo is as her guardian, 13 yr old Maria cried uncontrollably over her tiny cold body which she brought down the mountain to a neighbor. The TOBY FUND had helped with vet bills for her sibling, a pup named ‘Zero’; but, tiny Honey struggled to live. If stricken animals survive, normally they are on IV fluids and treatments for days. Somehow, Honey cheated death. Maria then made sure that she had all three shots in the puppy series, and never let her touch the ground in strange areas for fear that Honey might again contract Parvo from another dog’s feces. Maria’s message
"OXFORD"  His injuries were horrific, a crushed leg and jaw. Trauma. A suffering male cat, Oxford, had sustained a terrible injury but made it to his Sunny Valley home. Jennifer Peninger and her six children cared for Oxford, but he needed costly surgery to remove an eye and leg. Toby and a personal friend helped out; and, after consulting with veterinarians and animal welfare organizations, Pacific Veterinary Clinic did the surgery. Euthanasia had seemed to be the only option, the suffering was immense. Now, this three-legged, one-eyed (now neutered) cat will always live indoors. Persistence, a cat’s will to live, the love of many humans…a miraculous tale.
Savanna's Medical Fund


Glendale is Trying to Fix a Major Cat Problem

Toby Fund Of Wolf Creek Oregon, Inc.

Feral cats are showing up in the street, on porches, even on rooftops in southern
Douglas County. And community members are now taking control of the problem.
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2015 Update: 406 Glendale cats have been altered through The Toby Fund


Toby Fund Of Wolf Creek Oregon

Wolf Creek/Sunny Valley (Primary Service Area):

Companion animal low-cost/ no-cost spay/neuter vouchers*
Lucky Seven Program - $7 off flea medicine/parvo vaccines
Pet food donations
Annual Wellness Clinic
Education/Community Organizing Support
Lost/found, ID tags
Savanna's Babies Medical Fund
Abuse/neglect reports
Small animal portable shelter loaners
Problem-solving services



Rural Josephine and Douglas Counties (Extended Service Area):(excluded: city limits of Grants Pass, Roseburg, Winston, Winchester)

"Unchain My Heart" Program
Saturation mailing to all residents - THE TOBY TRIBUNE

Varies with availability of grant funds
Funding availability in dedicated Glendale & Cave Junction




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Toby Fund Of Wolf Creek OregonToby Fund Of Wolf Creek Oregon