Toby Fund Of Wolf Creek Oregon
Toby Fund Of Wolf Creek Oregon
Toby Fund Of Wolf Creek Oregon Toby Fund Of Wolf Creek Oregon
Toby Fund Of Wolf Creek Oregon THE TOBY FUND OF WOLF CREEK OREGON, INC. mission is to create communities of compassion for animals in Southern Oregon rural communities. 


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OUR SPAY& NEUTER SERVICES are low or no cost. Close to 2,900 rural dogs and cats (and one bunny, Chester of Wolf Creek) have been altered with Toby help. Here, meet  Glendale dog, Oreo with his guardian, Dave.  Oreo was one of 1,043 dogs neutered with the help of grants from an anonymous foundation.  And, meet Chester the bunny, adopted and converted into an indoor bunny by a Wolf Creek family.  Poseidon, a Glendale cat, is one of 480 cats we have altered in this small mill town of about 800 people. Amazing!



Our UNCHAIN MY HEART PROJECT gets dogs off chains/out of tight confinement and into yards or large kennels. The Oregon Tethering Law forbids chaining a dog for more than 10 hours in a 24 hour period. Chained dogs tend to bark more, experience frustration and depression, and exhibit aggressive behavior. The physical and mental health of these dogs is adversely affected by chaining. Meet June. This sweet dog spent hours each day on a chain, feeling sad. Here she is joyous in her new yard which is attached to the porch of the family's home so she can come and go freely and play outside. June is one of the Toby Fund's 228 dogs (and 4 goats) who are UNCHAINED/out of tight confinement/now safe"

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Our STAND BY ME donors support veterinary care for animals with severe illnesses or injuries.  These animals would not receive veterinary care without us.  Many would linger in pain; and, others would die.  Here is a photo of Red, a Sunny Valley dog who came home with part of a paw missing.  We funded leg amputation, and Red healed well.  When we visited a few weeks after surgery, he ran out of his house and jumped in the back of our SUV! Happy, healed, sweet dog!

This is a photo of Gavin, a Wolf Creek cat who was an animal bite victim.  Our donors funded veterinary care, including an exam, wound cleaning and medication.  Now, Gavin feels so much better and is healing well. Here you see Gavin after treatment, wearing his new t-shirt.

For each case, donors receive an e-mail story about the animal’s injury or illness, plus a photo.  Donors may PASS (not respond) on a particular animal or PLEDGE for that animal’s treatment.  Once treatment is done, a signal to send e-mail goes out to donors.  IT IS EASY TO HEAL, IT IS EASY TO SAVE A LIFE.  Contact us to become a STAND BY ME guardian angel.  Toby’s Line 541-866-2527 or


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Toby Fund Of Wolf Creek OregonToby Fund Of Wolf Creek Oregon